Best Ethereum Casinos and Ethereum Gambling Sites

Best Ethereum Casinos and Ethereum Gambling Sites

ETH Casino is one of the most popular online casinos in the world. We offer a wide range of games, including slots, table games and live dealer games. You can also play our selection of mobile-friendly slots on your phone or tablet!

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Ethereum Casinos and Customer Support

In order to address the demand from Ether users wanting to gamble with their cryptocurrency, an increasing number of online casinos have started offering games on Ethereum. These Ether casinos are mostly blockchain-based platforms that run via smart contracts. The absence of a third party means that players only need an internet connection and Ethereum wallet in order to play.

Benefits of Ethereum Gambling

Nowadays, the gambling industry is growing exponentially. People want more choices and they expect higher quality. In an online casino, you can find a lot of features that make the platform more appealing to the players: from bonuses up to vivid graphics and pictures. If an online casino starts using blockchain technology, it would benefit them a lot in terms of security and transparency, as well as a decreased cost since there wouldn’t be a need for third parties, such as banks or financial institutions that require fees.

Downsides of using Ethereum for Gambling Online

As with all new technology, there are a few downsides to using Ethereum for online gambling, one of which is the speed at which transactions can take place. As things stand today Ethereum can only process around 10 transactions per second. This might be fine if you’re just trying to sell your house as it’s not very common for people to try and do something as quickly as possible but on the other hand if you’ve just won thousands of dollars on an online casino website and want to cash out quickly so you can buy a nice holiday or some new equipment then this speed could become a problem.

Tell me the best way to buy Ethereum

The official page of Ethereum recommends you to buy Ethereum from exchanges, not from anybody on the Internet. Online Ether trading platforms are subject to fraud, technical complications and security breaches. Buying Ether locally with cash ensures that you will have your tokens in hand.

An exchange is a platform where different cryptocurrencies are being traded for fiat currencies or other alternative cryptocurrencies. These places are often situated offshore because they can’t begin exchanging money without getting authorization by proper government agencies. Although an exchange might seem like an ordinary web-based shop it has nothing to do with your usual shopping website. Usually there are no refunds or customer service numbers if something goes wrong. Exchanges simply don’t have contact information so it’s hard to prove that somebody tricked you into?